Stylish Steampunk Vintage Style Aviator Sunglasses

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Gorgeous vintage style aviators.  Yes, we all love aviators but they can get a tad boring after a while, we promise you that these aviators will ensure you stand out.  The craftsmanship and attention to details in these glasses give a class not to be found in stores.  The side blinkers while shading your eyes give these glasses their unique look.  The intricate crafted metal designs create the vintage look and style of their own.  Your whole flare will be elevated to a new level where you stand apart from the typical wearers of commercial designs of common sunglasses.  These beautiful sunglasses are for those who like to look a little different.  And yes the lenses include protection from the sun's harmful AUV and AUB rays.    

Hurry, there is only a limited supply available! 

Check the photos for size information.