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Why You Should Be Wearing Graphic T-Shirts

Posted on June 08 2018

Why You Should Be Wearing Graphic T-Shirts

A recent resurgence in 80s & 90s culture has led to a come back of the graphic tee. People, long tired of wearing someones brand name like a billboard are turning to unique graphic designs with almost cryptic type messages. Movies such as Ready Player One have brought back youthful memories of times when wearing color and graphic was the way to be seen.

At Urban Flint we have started with some simple designs which we have launched on Amazon. This ensures our best designs are available to the most people with the fastest shipping method. In this post we want to give you some history behind our designs along with the best accessory to wear with it!  

Click on the picture of your favorite Tee to see the enlarged design.


Live With Me T-Shirt

On this urban tshirt design we've taken the backdrop of a classic American City and added a flirty message. Not only will people appreciate the design, the "Live with Me" text shows a degree of confidence.

To make this urban outfit seem even more street we suggest getting a pair of our Industrial Sunglasses.

Call Me

The Call Me Retro Tshirt is great for girls or guys who are a bit bold, maybe a bit flirty. Girls can even be brave and wear the pink one with these shorts:

Guys why not try our Round Lensed Wooden Sunglasses?

Walk These Streets

Is the classy urban graphic t-shirt. Goes great with jeans on your way to the local cafe and kind of gives the message that you below. Guys or girls could really wear the Mellow Yellow aviators with this t-shirt.

Be the Donkey At The Top

Our photographer really struggled to get this picture as its a rare occurrence to get donkeys to do anything that you want. As you can see our own model gets out in nature and the design on a blue tshirt looks great on her along with the Bamboo Sunglasses.

Like our tshirt designs? Why not check out the entire range of Urban Flint Designs.