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What? Steampunk is a genre of science fiction that makes its appearances in fashion, literature and film. There are many inspirations, our favorites at Urban Flint are Jules Vern and HG Wells. Their imagined steam powered machines, interesting characters with devices that seemingly make them supernatural are found in almost every steampunk comic, novel and movie. Steeped in Victorian error settings, clothing and machinery. At Urban Flint we love the affect this has on fashion. Intricate watches and jewelry, surely the coolest sunglasses, top hats, weaponry, even items for your home.

Why? What does an Urban Fashion brand have to do with steampunk? Well, we want to show you something different. Many different age groups appreciate the genre, even to the point of making inventions and attending festivals. Our products give you an entry level look at steampunk while at the same our pieces will surely give you the edge over everyone else at work or when your are out. Be the person everybody remembers the next day!

How? Some of our jewelry pieces can give your suit a bit of flare that is not seen on anyone else. Are you an engineer? Work in power plan? Want to stand out, then try one of our brooches like the Airship Wings. Are you into Beatles cool with a mechanical edge? Try our flip or round sunglasses. Sick of pretty things for home and want cool yet gritty? Try our Steampunk Home Decor.

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