Five reasons you should be wearing resin jewelry right now

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1.Get Closer to Nature

Resin and Wood Jewelry encapsulates both nature and fashion.  The combination of wood and resins create a natural beauty.  Each time you look at a your chosen flare piece you will feel a sense of peace as memories of nature come back to you. 

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2. Each Piece is Unique


The crafting process of Resin Jewelry means that  by default no two will be the same.  There is no risk of someone wearing the exact same piece as yours.  The combination of resins and natural wood grains means that nature provides you with a piece of art you can wear every day.  There are hidden mysteries, minature and underwater worlds to discover in each piece that even change with the light.   

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3. Support the Handcraft Industry

Resin jewelry is traditionally made by people ranging from talented artists to small mom & pop craft workshops.  By purchasing and wearing resin jewelry you are supporting an organic industry and keeping a handcraft alive.  

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4.  You Can Make them Yourself

Many people are now making their own resin jewelry.  After purchasing their own flare that they immediately fall in love with their curiosity leads them to wonder, "how is this made?"  A few resin moulds and designs and you can be off in your own organic craft workshop.  

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5. The Are Beautiful 😍

There is probably no better reason to get your own resin jewelry statement piece than the fact they are beautiful.  People will notice, they will but you will know how you discovered your own piece of art to wear. 

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